Chef prepared meal delivery includes, prepared gourmet meals, diabetic meals, weight loss meals and senior meals with home delivery nationwide.
The largest variety of chef prepared gourmet meals delivered to your home. The perfect gift for any occasion
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Chef Prepared Gourmet and Special Diet Meals Delivered to Your Home
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FamilyChef ® brings you America's most popular website for prepared Gourmet Meals, USDA Choice Grade A Premium Aged Steaks, Ocean Fresh Seafood and Special Diet Meals. All prepared meals are shipped and delivered fully-cooked, flash frozen to lock-in freshness and go from freezer-to-table in minutes. Chef prepared meals and meal plans also make a wonderful gift with home delivery nationwide.
Something for Everyone - You may choose from a menu with a large variety of prepared Gourmet meals or from a Special Diet menu designed to promote good health through nutritionally balanced meals. Such as, Diabetic meals, Weight Loss meals, Senior meals, Low Sodium meals and Gluten Free meals. Plus, you'll find a treasure of Ocean Fresh Seafood - All delivered to your home.
Individual Meals

Individual Gourmet Meals

Select your favorite Gourmet Meals and have them delivered to your home anywhere nationwide. Caring chefs have created a mouthwatering variety of prepared meals, dinners and entrées. Bon Appetite!
Gourmet Meals Starting at: $11.99
Meal Packages

Gourmet Meal Packages

Fully prepared Meal Packages allow you to sample several meals along a culinary theme. Choose from a variety of gourmet meal packages. It's like having your own personal chef delivered to your door.
Meal Packages Starting at: $44.99
Senior Meals

Senior Meals

Whether you're a senior looking to simplify meal preparation or a loved one who wants to help a family member, Senior Meals and Plans are an easy solution for maintaining good health through well balanced meals.
Meals Starting at: $8.99
Plans at: $89.99
Diabetic Meals

Diabetic Meals

Diabetic Meals and Plans can help you maintain a healthy diabetic lifestyle without feeling limited by dietary restraints. Meals are nutritionally balanced and are made with extra lean proteins.
Meals Starting at: $8.99
Plans at: $69.99
Weight Loss Meals
Weight Loss Meals
Prepared Weight Loss Meals and Plans are perfectly portioned and nutritionally balanced by food experts. These weight loss meals can be incorporated into any weight loss program. Start Today!
Meals Starting at: $8.99
Plans at: $69.99
Gluten-Free Meals
Gluten-Free Meals
Prepared Gluten-Free Meals make your Gluten-Free lifestyle very simple and easy to manage. Meals are Gluten-Free certified, lab tested to 10 ppm or less - and best of all they're delivered right to your home.
Get 30% Off All Gluten-Free Meals
Ocean Fresh Seafood
Fresh as it gets!  Turn your dining room into a Seafood restaurant with a click of the keyboard. You'll find a treasure of great prices, all time favorites – and perhaps a few gems you may not have tried before.
Spend $200 - Get $30 Off at Check Out
Prime Steaks
USDA Choice Steaks
Only the top tier of USDA Choice are sold. Hand-trimmed Beef and Steaks have superior marbling and surpass the quality of even the most popular of local and online steak retailers. Gift Boxes available.
Spend $250 - Get $50 Off at Check Out
Every great gourmet meal starts off with the perfect appetizers, soups or quiches. Your friends will be impressed when you offer them a Ham and Spinach Quiche appetizer before dinner.
Save Up To 49% on Marketplace Items
complete family dinners
Complete Family Dinners
Family style dinner bundles that include everything you'll need to celebrate a holiday gathering with family and friends. Complete Family Dinners are pre-cooked and ready in just minutes.  Simply heat and eat.
Family Dinner Bundles Starting at $209
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decadent desserts
Decadent Desserts
Your guests will love to linger over coffee while enjoying a restaurant quality indulgence. Whether it's coffee with friends or a family gathering, you'll find a dessert for every occasion. See all Desserts.
Desserts Starting at: $14.79
Chef prepared meal delivery includes, prepared gourmet meals, diabetic meals, weight loss meals and senior meals with home delivery nationwide.
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